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Come join the party...in my pants!

In My Pants
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To bring the anime community just a wee little bit closer.
This is a community that is devoted to a tight group of friends who love anime, cosplaying, and having fun by any legal means possible. Read our posts and see what anime Con we'll be at next and see what we'll cosplay as. Also, check out the member's journals to find out what we're like.

1. NO FLAMING! We extremely stress this. This means if someone says that you don't like or care for, don't scream at them and start a big fuss. If you disagree with them or don't like what they're saying you can either politely discuss the topic with them or just ignore it and go on.
2. No Spamming or Advertising. Do not make an advertisement for something or spam the community. If you put a link to somewhere or you mention a journal/business/etc. in your post or comment, that is understandable.
3. This is an anime/cosplay/video game community. Please make a topic related to this. Nothing excessivly random. We wanna stress this rule as much as possible.
4. Do not make a post you would put on your journal. What I mean by this is that if you make a post that has nothing to do with anime or con or anything releated to this it may be moved. I'm referring to if you make a post on here that was talking only about how your day was, things going on lately (not con related), or how you hate people or something. This is a community not your own personal journal. You have a personal journal, write your personal stuff there. Remember, j00 h@v3 b33n w@rn3d.
5. Please, put all replies to a post on the reply page. It can get a little confusing when you post a whole new thread pertaining to a previous post. It's understandable, however, if you are posting an answer to a question (See early assignment posts, yadda yadda).
6. Make your posts worth while. Please, don't just put something along the lines of "hey just thought id post and o u just lost teh game". If you're gonna post something, make it interesting and not boring. The mods really don't want to remove posts.
7. The mods reserve the right to suspend or ban whomever they choose. Joking around is understandable and all. Please, don't continually harass them. If you do, they will punish you however they see fit.
This community is owned and maintained by rogue_66, harukiproject and foxyoukai13 . If you have a problem with a user or whatever talk with them. Same with questions, comments, money, b33r, more money, port spaces for Furcadia...give it to them.