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Huh? I'm not dead? Huh. Weird.

Somewhere, in the darkness of outer space, far, far beyond our solar system, floats a lone man. Silently, he floats throughout the cosmos, undeterred by anything and everything...

And then I woke up. Sorry about the long absence. Busy Trip is busy, fighting hard to keep you all safe...

What? What do you mean, I've just been slacking off again? How rude >.>

Anyway, uh... Where was I...?

Oh yeah. Need to check into the con Koty mentioned...although I'll probably be too broke to attend. College is expensive, after all~

Lately, my time has been split between coursework and a volunteer position distributing food to the needy. It's a wonderful position, full of good vibes and occasional leftovers.

Oh, and doujinshi. As usual. XD

Anyway, though it may be a case of "promises, promises", I'll try to become more active here again. Look forward to it! (Maybe.)

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