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Rogue Valenhart

AWA 09 Report

Saturday was one of the best days I've ever lived. It was the day that me, my otaku friend Ashly, and my dad went to AWA 09.

It started off, 5:30 in the morning. My dad woke me up and I got ready. This year I got my Link costume ready a good while before the convention. So, I got my costume on and assembled. Everything fit perfectly, w007. I went to pick up Ashly at her house. It was raining that day, oh the rain. I got her and brought her back to my house to get a few last-minute things. On the way to my house we went by a church. The marquee read "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Ashly thought it read "Love thy nigger as thyself." We had a good laugh (and no, neither of us are racist). After getting to the house, getting props, and showing Ashly my pet hedgehog, Sonic, we were off. This year was a smidge different. I drove the whole way to A-town. Plus, I drove in the rain. That's a level up for me. We stopped by a subway and got us some breakfast. While we were there we talked about Jeff Dunham and other comedians. After we left, I drove up the convention area. After searching and searching for a parking spot, we finally nabbed one and got out. I got my Master Sword strapped to my back. Oh yeah, I cosplayed as Link the year. I got my shield and we went into the con. My dad stayed around the lower level of the con. He mostly chilled and let us experience the con. After talking to the guy who made the Momocon 08 slideshow, we got in line and registered. After paying our 25 dollars for the day we went off and enjoyed plenty of con events. The first area we went to was the dealer's room. Oh, yes, the dealer's room. I may be off the marker a bit but, we spent atleast two and a half hours in dealer's room. We shopped and shopped and shopped. You wouldn't believe how much stuff they haz in there. I ended up buying a Sailor Mercury button, a Peelander-Z CD (Which is awesome), a Kakashi-sensei mask, and a box of Men's Pockey. When I bought the Peelander-Z CD the Yellow guy got right close to my face and said "Thank you very much." I didn't really catch it until after I bought the CD but, the members of Peelander-Z themselves were selling the merchandise. They're really nice guys too. The yellow guy was hilarious. After spending time in the dealer room, we went and looked for my dad. We took a short break in the middle of our search and rested in the middle of the con area. It was a nice sitting area too. Ashly and me had a nice conversation with this lady who was meeting a client for her college. It was the Franklin College of Switzerlin, I believe. I found Ann while we were recovering. I had to break the bad news that I wasn't staying the weekend. It was okay, though. So, we made plans to meet back after I found my dad. So, we did. My dad was at a bench. We checked in with him, switched out some stuff, and headed back to the dealer room. Another hour of shopping went by. This time we saw some stuff we didn't see before. I even got a nice $5 leather bag to carry my monies in. After we got done shopping, we went and met Ann back at the sitting area. This time, I had my guitar. We practiced "Simple and Clean" for some time. I never could get it right >.< While we were there, we met some nice people. These people were also furries. They proved my theory that not all furries are yiffing freaks that have sex in fur suits. They're quite the opposite actually. I even remember spotting a few furries in some fur suits while we were up there. Ann made me laugh too. She said something along the lines of "Yeah, if you hear the word 'yiff', RUN!" Me and Ashly went and got us something to eat at the Chinese restaurant in the mall area of the convention. I recall talking to some guy who said that if you told the pope about the game, everyone wins. We went back to the sitting area, where Ann was guarding our stuff. We ate and conversed with her and our other friends. So, after eating and practicing "Simple and Clean" a few more times, we went and watched a good hour's worth of Axis Powers Hetalia. I love that anime. Seriously, watch it. We got out of there and wondered around for sometime. We met up with Ann again and went to the karaoke area. I practiced "Simple and Clean" more than I've ever practiced a song in my life while I waited for Ann and my name to be called to perform. While we waited, we heard some pretty good singers and songs. Some, less than others. Going back to the furries, Ashly and me hugged some of them. They're fur was so soft! There was a guy at the karoke who did the Dragonball theme perfectly. That was awesome. Some people WAS gonna do "I'm On A Boat", including Ashly, but they started to play the uncensored version. After every song Ann and me got nervous, wondering if they were gonna call us. They never did but, we all got to do an arousing round of "Bohemian Rhapsody". Everyone was singing, dancing, and doing other sorts of stuff. I even got my sword out, acting like it was a guitar, and got out in the middle of the hall, jamming. Heh, I even got down on one knee and sang "Oh, baby! You can't do this to me baby!" to the girl sitting down. She was amused. That was great. Ashly and Ann laughed at the specticle. After we got out of the karakoe room we said our goodbyes to Ann and her friend Bryan. We hugged and shook hands and went our seperate ways, making sure we'd see each other at Momocon 10. So, we met up with my dad after that. It was around 11:30 Georgia time. We packed up and left. On the way home, the three of us laughed and joked about everything we could think of. It was fun. I let my dad out at home and I took Ashly home. We said our goodnights and goodbyes. I went home and took my bath and rested up. The next day I had the whole "the party's over" feeling. I had a great time with even greater friends. This con was one of, if not, the best conventions I've ever been to.

Well, there's your AWA 09 report. The longest one, yet. My hand is hurting...alot. Until next year.

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