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Reviving the Dead

Ugh, I'm so sorry I haven't posted jack squat in the what...past two months? I feel so lazy.

Okay, AWA 15 is coming up the 18-20th of this month. We'll probably only go on the 19th. It seems to be the best day. Anyone going? Yes, no, maybe?

Hopefully we'll have atleast one or two new members in the next week or two.

Please tell me this ain't the last of the In My Pants community. It's been a while and hardly anyone has posted anything barely anime related. Actually, nobody has hardly posted anything at all. I know, it's partially my fault too. Do ya'll wanna keep the community up? I mean, I can find something to keep the pulse running. Heck, I got a drawing pad. We can do the comics now. I hate asking this but... should I shut the community down? It's really something I don't wanna do but, if it is the wish of the entire community I can cease all operations. Please tell me no on that question.

Anyways, I hope to have some posts from the members in the future...hope.

Ja ne,
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