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*This Title Has Been Repoed*

Sorry, couldn't keep up with the title payments.

Ugh, it's been forever since I've posted. Please forgive me everybody. I'm constantly on the run and I have an internet connection that makes a slug look like a cheetah.

Yay, we haz new member. Welcome, squicked_out. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Hotel California In Our Pants community. Feel free to introduce yourself and talk about your favorite anime/video games.

So, about the web comic we talked about 40...maybe 50 posts ago... Are we gonna do that? If someone can come up with a story I can illustrate. I promise you, my drawing skills have gotten better. If you need example look at my dA ( Or, maybe we can do one shot comics. Maybe we all pitch in on stuff? It's up to everyone. What shall we do?

Get that thing I sent ya?
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