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An end to the long hiatus...I hope.

Well, I have the next part of the story complete. It's a bit on the short side, though. It's been completed for a few days, but I've been in a bit of a haze lately. Between not sleeping well and the onset of boredom...bleh. I've had a massive case of writer's block, too. I'm not sure where I should take the story from here. That said, the only thing I can do is react; react to your choices. Which, in a way, is a good thing; it helps keep me on my toes, and I probably would've given up and moved on to some other story otherwise. A chronic case of incompletionism, you could call it, even though the spell check insists I made up that word (and I probably did).

Anyway, which direction should we go?
A) North
B) South
C) West
D) East


“The north! In that big castle over there!” she finishes.

“If you say so. Let’s go, then,” you say.

Five hours later, you’ve managed to make your way to the castle gate. A pair of guards stare down at you from the fortifications.

“Halt! Who goes there?” one of them asks.

Taking note of your current outfit, you say, “I’m a traveling warrior. I’m searching for a man named Al.”

“Don’t know anyone by that name. If you promise not to cause trouble, we’ll let you in,” the other guard says.

You enter the gate and the guards move to confiscate your weapons. They’re quite surprised when they don’t find any, however. Still, they let you pass without any further trouble. You enter a large, bustling marketplace within the castle walls.

“It won’t be easy finding him among all these people,” you say.

“That’s true,” Jack comments.

“Perhaps we’ll get lucky,” Sue adds.

Suddenly, you notice something strange. Or, more accurately, multiple strange things. To the left, you notice someone in the crowd suddenly disappear, as if they were never there. To the right, you notice what seems to be a tear or gash in midair, hovering about eye level for a split-second before disappearing. Finally, a faint whisper behind you says “Follow me.”

Which is the most worthy of investigation?
A) The disappearing person
B) The tear
C) The whisper

It's a little bleh, but hopefully your choices will lead us to more interesting story content. Thanks for reading, and please vote soon~
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