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Not dead, just had writer's block.

So here's the story. I kinda have an idea for the omake now, too. Anyway...

Which memory should we start with?
A) Old
B) Not so old
C) Recent


“Let’s start with the oldest one, I guess,” you say. Ann nods and enters a combination on one of the pillars.

“Alright, then, let’s do this,” she says. The others strap themselves into the pillars, and you and Ann follow suit. Your vision blurs for a minute…

…and suddenly, you find yourself somewhere else.
Western Europe-952 A.D.
The rain falls down heavily. You are standing in an open field. To the south (how do you know that, anyway?), there is a great forest. To the north, a tall castle stands in the distance. A mountain range is visible to the west, and to the east is a small village.

In your more immediate vicinity, you notice yourself. You-

“Hey, this is a choose your own adventure, not a text adventure!” you shout. The world shifts imperceptibly. Glancing down at yourself, you notice that you are wearing a suit of medieval armor. You seem to be missing a helmet, however. And there’s one other thing you notice…

“Where is everybody?!” you shout.

“Look closer, dimwit,” a familiar voice chides. You look behind you, discovering only more empty field. You spin around, but you still can’t see anyone.

“Try up,” another voice says. You do so.

That’s when you see it. Or rather, them.

The others are floating just above your head. Or is it flying? They seem to have gotten smaller, as well, with small insect-like wings…

“Seriously? Fairies?” you ask.

“Well, this way we’re less noticeable, and thus less likely to affect Al’s memories,” Ann explains.

“I think this is a lot more noticeable,” you reply.

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to see us. Only you,” Lumina remarks.

“Why me?” you ask. No one volunteers an answer. “Besides, isn’t this a little too far back?”

“Actually, no. It seems that Al is even older than he let on. He must be around here somewhere,” Jack says.

Wait a minute…

“Hey, I understood that perfectly! No broken speech patterns or anything!” you say. Jack looks slightly embarrassed, but explains, “Well, at the moment, our minds are interconnected somewhat. Essentially, we’re communicating telepathically.”

“At any rate, which way should we be headed?” Lunera asks.

“Um…shouldn’t you know that already?!” you exclaim.

“Relax,” Sue says. “I’m sure he’s somewhere to the…”

A) North
B) South
C) West
D) East

Omake preview: Lolwut fairies? The idea came from a side project I worked on. So what does the cast look like now? Picture to come soon.
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