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Well, it's a little late, but...

Story post. Delayed due to internet troubles. Too sleepy to type coherently.

A) Sue fights Max, you fight androids.
B) You fight Max, Sue fights androids.


“I’ll take Max. You take the androids,” you say.

“Gotcha! I’ve got just the thing, too!” Sue says, pulling a pair of grenades from her pack and charging the androids.

“Hey, how about letting me have some of those?!” you shout after her.


You look down, startled, to see a blade protruding from your stomach. You turn around and shoot Max a dirty look.

“Oh, no you didn’t…” you mutter. Max is somewhat taken aback by the fact you haven’t collapsed to the ground yet. For that matter, so are you.


The bullet whizzes past Max’s head, coming close enough to draw blood. Frowning, you lower your pistol. Max, however, grins.

“Did I forget to mention I can deflect bullets? Because I can, you know,” he says, smirking.

“Deflect this,” you say, pressing the muzzle against Max’s chest. Max responds by grabbing the hilt of his sword and pulling it out quickly. Your vision goes red for a moment, and when it returns, Max is nowhere to be seen. You glance around frantically, trying to find him.

“Above you!”

Instinctively, you dodge to the right. Moments later, Max’s sword parts the air where you were standing. But where did the warning…

“You’ve forgotten me already, haven’t you?” the ghost-like man says.

“Well, what do you recommend I do?” you ask as Max starts swinging at you. You retreat slowly while dodging. One swing comes too close and you attempt to block with your pistol, only for it to shatter.

“You don’t know your own strength? Just hit him already!”

Suddenly, it happens. Almost without thinking, you stop retreating and punch Max straight in the jaw. Not only does it connect, but it knocks Max off of his feet. He stumbles back upright, circling you cautiously. The fight starts to tilt in your favor at that point: staying in close, you dodge every swing and deliver blow after blow. Soon, Max is covered in bruises and barely able to stand. You move in for the finishing blow…


“OH, COME ON!” you shout as you find yourself stabbed a second time. Max stands back up, smirking. Your ears begin to ring. Actually, it’s more of a *whoosh* sound, but…

“Looks like he was faking, huh? Well, my only other advice is to duck,” says the ghost-like man.


“Yeah. Like, now.”

You duck (at least as well as you can with a sword through your chest). Max, suspecting something is wrong, takes a defensive stance.

It saves his life, but just barely. The *whoosh* from before promptly turns into a *KABOOM!* as the rocket causing it explodes, sending both you and Max flying.

“Hey, are you okay?” Sue asks, running over with what looks like a recently-fired RPG.

“Not really. Where do you get all of that stuff, anyway?” you ask.

“Oh, here and there,” Sue answers.

“Where’s Max?” you ask.

“Over there. I don’t think he’ll be getting up soon.”

“And the others?”

“Over here,” Lunera says, carrying Jack over his shoulder. Beside him is Ann, with Lumina over her shoulder likewise, and Al, who is stumbling around in a daze.

“Ah…that’s good…” you say. You don’t know why, but you seem rather tired. Even as you collapse to the ground, sword and all, it doesn’t really make much sense...

The world goes dark...

~End Act 2

You awake some time later. The room (and it is indoors, at least) is a fuzzy white blur, and you can’t make out any details. A shadow appears over you. Softly, you murmur: “Who are you…Are you…”


Act 2 is complete! Drama! Intrigue! Cerberus syndrome (look it up if you have to)! What will happen next? It all depends on the identity of the person standing over you.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe if I try hard I can create some celebratory omake content this week...
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