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I did a picture! Oh, and some other stuff.

Sigh...I'm getting lonely. Is everyone busy lately? Oh well.

I've been playing some unusual games lately. First, there's the original Touhou series, which is rather different from the more recent ones. Heck, the first one isn't even a vertical shooter (though what it is I'm not quite sure). The others went something like this:

Minute 5: Hah, this is way easier than the recent ones!
Minute 15: Whoops...well, one mistake isn't that bad...
Minute 20: Grr...My character moves too fast and I keep running into the bullets...

So yeah. Next there's Suzumiya Haruhi no Chourantou. It's a team fighting game using the characters of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (and if you haven't at least heard of that series, where've ya been?). It's pretty fun, but the aiming and response time could use a little work.

Finally, there's ChantElise. ChantElise is an RPG that revolves around a young girl and her sister, who has been turned into a fairy by an evil witch. Yeah, it's a little strange. Thankfully, it's not creepy or dirty like some similar games, and it's actually quite fun. Unfortunately, there's no English patch, so I've been working off a fan-translated script. Still, it's interesting.

Was there something else? Oh yeah. This.

As always(even though I usually forget...sorry), the program used to create these characters is property of KirbyM and Thefre. Was it okay? Can anyone think of any improvements I could make? Please post comments (on this and the story), and posts, too, soon please!
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