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25th December 2009

harukiproject10:45pm: Merry Christmas!
...eh? Huh? Ah! I'm awake!

Hello, and welcome to this special Christmas update~ I'm your host, Trip, and...

...What? What do you mean, you lost the script?! Now I have to ad-lib this, you idi-

Ah, sorry about that, folks. Anyway, as I was saying, this is more or less just a wonderful Christmas update~ Despite all evidence to the contrary, I'm not dead. My wishes for a merry Christmas go out to all of you, and maybe it won't be too long before I post again ^.^''
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2nd November 2009

harukiproject6:21pm: Huh? I'm not dead? Huh. Weird.
Somewhere, in the darkness of outer space, far, far beyond our solar system, floats a lone man. Silently, he floats throughout the cosmos, undeterred by anything and everything...

And then I woke up. Sorry about the long absence. Busy Trip is busy, fighting hard to keep you all safe...

What? What do you mean, I've just been slacking off again? How rude >.>

Anyway, uh... Where was I...?

Oh yeah. Need to check into the con Koty mentioned...although I'll probably be too broke to attend. College is expensive, after all~

Lately, my time has been split between coursework and a volunteer position distributing food to the needy. It's a wonderful position, full of good vibes and occasional leftovers.

Oh, and doujinshi. As usual. XD

Anyway, though it may be a case of "promises, promises", I'll try to become more active here again. Look forward to it! (Maybe.)

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28th October 2009

icpman12:47pm: dude,
i just realized something....look at koty's pic then look at mine... :O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11!!!!1!  omg...anyway...so koty got his wii back finally lol...i had it for about 1 year 4 months haha and i still didnt beat twilight princess...i was doing good until monty had to take the guide...he didnt even need that thing man!!!!!!! oh well. maybe i will beat it later in life... rofl...I GOT A GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!! omg! lol its been forever...well not really but they never last long enough for me to remember them lol.. we have been going out for maybe 2 days!!! its a record...i bet if your still reading this post ur bored.. lol.. to much net speak? 

                                                                                              sorry koty....lol,
                                                                                                                 mister buttons....

22nd October 2009

rogue_6612:30pm: Another Post (Now in Diet Flavor)
'ello guys.

There is a one day con coming up around the end of November. It's mostly a dealer's room get together. I'm speaking of Anime Atlanta Day. If you want details:


If interested, lemme know. The more the merrier.

Santa Clause is coming to town,

16th October 2009

icpman12:45pm: dude.....
dude ........drugs kill..... so dont do them....go to church and be a good person...unless you want to end up on the streets by yourself eating rats..... and you will look like Monty...so ya drugs are bad... lol
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12th October 2009

icpman12:21pm: sup,
how is everyone? Im okay i guess... i missed awa, but thats no surprise. i bet it was great.
anyway. oh ya listen to a day to remember, a plot to bomb the panhandle. i recomend it if
you want to listen to a good screamo/metal band. thats just one of my favorite songs from
them. all of their songs are great though..and you had me at hello is a good song from
them as well

                                                 with much love,
                                                               Josh Dyke...
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21st September 2009

rogue_669:23am: AWA 09 Report
Saturday was one of the best days I've ever lived. It was the day that me, my otaku friend Ashly, and my dad went to AWA 09.

It started off, 5:30 in the morning. My dad woke me up and I got ready. This year I got my Link costume ready a good while before the convention. So, I got my costume on and assembled. Everything fit perfectly, w007. I went to pick up Ashly at her house. It was raining that day, oh the rain. I got her and brought her back to my house to get a few last-minute things. On the way to my house we went by a church. The marquee read "Love thy neighbor as thyself." Ashly thought it read "Love thy nigger as thyself." We had a good laugh (and no, neither of us are racist). After getting to the house, getting props, and showing Ashly my pet hedgehog, Sonic, we were off. This year was a smidge different. I drove the whole way to A-town. Plus, I drove in the rain. That's a level up for me. We stopped by a subway and got us some breakfast. While we were there we talked about Jeff Dunham and other comedians. After we left, I drove up the convention area. After searching and searching for a parking spot, we finally nabbed one and got out. I got my Master Sword strapped to my back. Oh yeah, I cosplayed as Link the year. I got my shield and we went into the con. My dad stayed around the lower level of the con. He mostly chilled and let us experience the con. After talking to the guy who made the Momocon 08 slideshow, we got in line and registered. After paying our 25 dollars for the day we went off and enjoyed plenty of con events. The first area we went to was the dealer's room. Oh, yes, the dealer's room. I may be off the marker a bit but, we spent atleast two and a half hours in dealer's room. We shopped and shopped and shopped. You wouldn't believe how much stuff they haz in there. I ended up buying a Sailor Mercury button, a Peelander-Z CD (Which is awesome), a Kakashi-sensei mask, and a box of Men's Pockey. When I bought the Peelander-Z CD the Yellow guy got right close to my face and said "Thank you very much." I didn't really catch it until after I bought the CD but, the members of Peelander-Z themselves were selling the merchandise. They're really nice guys too. The yellow guy was hilarious. After spending time in the dealer room, we went and looked for my dad. We took a short break in the middle of our search and rested in the middle of the con area. It was a nice sitting area too. Ashly and me had a nice conversation with this lady who was meeting a client for her college. It was the Franklin College of Switzerlin, I believe. I found Ann while we were recovering. I had to break the bad news that I wasn't staying the weekend. It was okay, though. So, we made plans to meet back after I found my dad. So, we did. My dad was at a bench. We checked in with him, switched out some stuff, and headed back to the dealer room. Another hour of shopping went by. This time we saw some stuff we didn't see before. I even got a nice $5 leather bag to carry my monies in. After we got done shopping, we went and met Ann back at the sitting area. This time, I had my guitar. We practiced "Simple and Clean" for some time. I never could get it right >.< While we were there, we met some nice people. These people were also furries. They proved my theory that not all furries are yiffing freaks that have sex in fur suits. They're quite the opposite actually. I even remember spotting a few furries in some fur suits while we were up there. Ann made me laugh too. She said something along the lines of "Yeah, if you hear the word 'yiff', RUN!" Me and Ashly went and got us something to eat at the Chinese restaurant in the mall area of the convention. I recall talking to some guy who said that if you told the pope about the game, everyone wins. We went back to the sitting area, where Ann was guarding our stuff. We ate and conversed with her and our other friends. So, after eating and practicing "Simple and Clean" a few more times, we went and watched a good hour's worth of Axis Powers Hetalia. I love that anime. Seriously, watch it. We got out of there and wondered around for sometime. We met up with Ann again and went to the karaoke area. I practiced "Simple and Clean" more than I've ever practiced a song in my life while I waited for Ann and my name to be called to perform. While we waited, we heard some pretty good singers and songs. Some, less than others. Going back to the furries, Ashly and me hugged some of them. They're fur was so soft! There was a guy at the karoke who did the Dragonball theme perfectly. That was awesome. Some people WAS gonna do "I'm On A Boat", including Ashly, but they started to play the uncensored version. After every song Ann and me got nervous, wondering if they were gonna call us. They never did but, we all got to do an arousing round of "Bohemian Rhapsody". Everyone was singing, dancing, and doing other sorts of stuff. I even got my sword out, acting like it was a guitar, and got out in the middle of the hall, jamming. Heh, I even got down on one knee and sang "Oh, baby! You can't do this to me baby!" to the girl sitting down. She was amused. That was great. Ashly and Ann laughed at the specticle. After we got out of the karakoe room we said our goodbyes to Ann and her friend Bryan. We hugged and shook hands and went our seperate ways, making sure we'd see each other at Momocon 10. So, we met up with my dad after that. It was around 11:30 Georgia time. We packed up and left. On the way home, the three of us laughed and joked about everything we could think of. It was fun. I let my dad out at home and I took Ashly home. We said our goodnights and goodbyes. I went home and took my bath and rested up. The next day I had the whole "the party's over" feeling. I had a great time with even greater friends. This con was one of, if not, the best conventions I've ever been to.

Well, there's your AWA 09 report. The longest one, yet. My hand is hurting...alot. Until next year.

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10th September 2009

rogue_6612:38pm: Too Much Free Time and This
So, yeah. I looked around on FailBlog and found a rather funny FAIL. So, why not take it a bit further?

Yeah, a little sloppy and thrown together but, you get the point.
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5th September 2009

harukiproject1:43pm: Rumors of my demise are only slightly exaggerated.
Wow, it's been a while, huh? Sorry for the AWOL-ness. I've been in perma-daze for a while, it seems...

Classes have started back now~ Two German courses and two psychology courses, plus a volunteer position on the side, so I've been busy. Probably why I caught this cold x.x

Is the rumor true? Have I finally become hooked on VNs?
Yes. I have XD

It feels my entire posting style has changed a bit...Hmm.

At any rate, AWA sounds fun~ Maybe I'll be able to go.

Hmm, and a reply to the story... It could take a bit, but maybe we can get it going again ^^

Until next time, (hopefully soon)
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4th September 2009

rogue_666:28pm: What Rules?!
Before I log off, I'm gonna let everyone know that I updated some of the rules on the info page.

Nothing strict or anything, just clarifying and keeping down spam.

rogue_666:17pm: Reviving the Dead
Ugh, I'm so sorry I haven't posted jack squat in the what...past two months? I feel so lazy.

Okay, AWA 15 is coming up the 18-20th of this month. We'll probably only go on the 19th. It seems to be the best day. Anyone going? Yes, no, maybe?

Hopefully we'll have atleast one or two new members in the next week or two.

Please tell me this ain't the last of the In My Pants community. It's been a while and hardly anyone has posted anything barely anime related. Actually, nobody has hardly posted anything at all. I know, it's partially my fault too. Do ya'll wanna keep the community up? I mean, I can find something to keep the pulse running. Heck, I got a drawing pad. We can do the comics now. I hate asking this but... should I shut the community down? It's really something I don't wanna do but, if it is the wish of the entire community I can cease all operations. Please tell me no on that question.

Anyways, I hope to have some posts from the members in the future...hope.

Ja ne,
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31st August 2009

icpman12:35pm: man, any good way to get cheap manga? >.
as you probobly know,manga is so overpriced,(well the good ones are)... and i really want to buy some cheaper. im not talking about underground stuff unless u have some recomended but, kinda mainstream stuff??? is there any manga sold for 10$ for 5$?!?!?!?!? cause im starting to think there isn't.ughhh well. keyboarding class is okay. its the only time i get on here so im thankful lol...

                      what is going on?!?!?!

20th July 2009

rogue_662:23pm: CLEAR!
Sorry for the hiatus, everyone. We've all been a bit caught up in some stuff.

So, AWA is creeping its way. This year I'm gonna save up and actually get a room. I'm not alone, hopefully. So far there's three staying the weekend. It's gonna be me, Josh, and Stevenn.

Hotel Details:
We're gonna stay at the Embassy Suites close to the Galeria. Or, maybe it's near Cobb. I'll clarify later.
Those that are going will probably pool together to share a room. So, if you're interested, get with one of the goers and find out the price for the room you want.

I'm supposed to apply at Wal-Mart Distribution Center. It's gonna be close getting a room.

Taking Reservations,
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11th June 2009

harukiproject12:49am: Guess what? It's another post. Mostly about my new favorite series.
'Kay, show of hands. How many of you have heard of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni? Well, if you haven't, it's a popular visual novel/manga/anime/game series. The most simple way to describe it is a murder mystery, though it becomes far more complex than that. Every year, the otherwise quiet village of Hinamizawa is subject to a mysterious murder/disappearance after the Watanagashi festival. This year promises to be the worst of them all...
Anyway, it's a fantastic series, dragged down for our local community due to one irritating flaw: a depressing lack of a full translation. The anime is probably the only incarnation of the series with a full English translation available, and some of that is only on the internet. However, work is in progress, thankfully.

Also, if you decide to pick this up, the next part is super important: the games and manga are split into different arcs. Be sure you don't view them in the wrong order, because this series is already kinda confusing (it gets better once you reach the later arcs and stuff starts getting explained). For reference, it's Onikakushi, Watanagashi, Tatarigoroshi, Himatsubushi, Meakashi, Tsumihoroboshi, Minagoroshi, and Matsuribayashi for the main arcs of the story. Certain incarnations have side-arcs, too.

If you're able to not be put off by all this, I can definitely recommend the series as a whole. The only other gripe I have is that the anime's animation gets a little strange-looking at times. Otherwise, check it out!
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2nd June 2009

harukiproject12:20am: Wow, it's been a while, huh? Long post ahead.
Hey, folks, I'm back! Teh internetz have been keeping me busy, but let's be honest: I've been seriously procrastinating my posting here lately. Sorry.

So what all have I been doing, then? The vast majority of it is Doujinstyle's fault. I've been seriously hooked on that site. So if I decide to slack off and you need to get my attention quickly, my username is fp-579. Yeah, I know, not terribly imaginative, but whatever. It's a really fun community that I could recommend to almost any netizen, especially those who like anime, manga, video games, etc.

Next on the list of things that have been keeping Trip busy is Tales of the Abyss. Yeah, it's a PS2 game, yes, it's last gen, but it's awesome. As with most Tales games, there's an intricate storyline backed by real-time RPG combat. Highly recommended, if you can find it. There's a reason it's still selling for $30, after all.

Then we have Tomoyo Fighter Perfect. Ever played Final Fight, Double Dragon, or River City Ransom? That'll give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. The character choices draw heavily on Clannad, but there are characters from a few other things, too, including a very surprising appearance by Gogo Yubari of Kill Bill fame.

Moving away from games, we have the renowned Vocaloid series. If you're not familiar with it, it's a singing synthesizer. That is, it synthesizes human singing, and does a far better job at it than you'd expect. If you need an example of how realistic it can get, just watch anything related to Hatsune Miku on Youtube. Here's a hint: Hatsune Miku is one of the Vocaloid programs.

I warned you this was gonna be long, huh? Don't worry, though, there's only one other thing I want to talk about. While you're on Youtube looking up ol' Miku-chan there, look up Half-Life: Full-Life Consequences. Here's the idea. Take a really crappy Half-Life 2 fanfic, then animate it with Garry's Mod for maximum lulz. So long as you don't miss the point and try to take it seriously, it's extremely amusing, especially the last video (There's more than one video, so don't miss the others).

Anyway, that's a taste of what I've been up to lately. Obviously, there's more, but I've gone on long enough. Hope to write again soon!
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1st June 2009

rogue_663:13am: Nukes...Las Vegas Style
Woo, I got some nice news for the Fallout fans in the community.

I may be a bit behind on the news here but, I'll post the news anyways. Turns out that some of the original makers of the Fallout series are making a new Fallout game titled: Fallout: New Vegas. To clarify New Vegas, if you wish to read, visit http://fallout.wikia.com/wiki/Portal:Fallout:_New_Vegas.

So, this is being made by some of the original developers, including the head director of Project Van Buren. Also, it's gonna be in the style of Fallout 3. Best of both worlds? Only time will tell.

Anything Goes,
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30th May 2009

rogue_662:58pm: *This Title Has Been Repoed*
Sorry, couldn't keep up with the title payments.

Ugh, it's been forever since I've posted. Please forgive me everybody. I'm constantly on the run and I have an internet connection that makes a slug look like a cheetah.

Yay, we haz new member. Welcome, squicked_out. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Hotel California In Our Pants community. Feel free to introduce yourself and talk about your favorite anime/video games.

So, about the web comic we talked about 40...maybe 50 posts ago... Are we gonna do that? If someone can come up with a story I can illustrate. I promise you, my drawing skills have gotten better. If you need example look at my dA (r0gue-66.deviantart.com) Or, maybe we can do one shot comics. Maybe we all pitch in on stuff? It's up to everyone. What shall we do?

Get that thing I sent ya?
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14th May 2009

harukiproject1:12am: An end to the long hiatus...I hope.
Well, I have the next part of the story complete. It's a bit on the short side, though. It's been completed for a few days, but I've been in a bit of a haze lately. Between not sleeping well and the onset of boredom...bleh. I've had a massive case of writer's block, too. I'm not sure where I should take the story from here. That said, the only thing I can do is react; react to your choices. Which, in a way, is a good thing; it helps keep me on my toes, and I probably would've given up and moved on to some other story otherwise. A chronic case of incompletionism, you could call it, even though the spell check insists I made up that word (and I probably did).

Anyway, which direction should we go?
A) North
B) South
C) West
D) East


“The north! In that big castle over there!” she finishes.

“If you say so. Let’s go, then,” you say.

Five hours later, you’ve managed to make your way to the castle gate. A pair of guards stare down at you from the fortifications.

“Halt! Who goes there?” one of them asks.

Taking note of your current outfit, you say, “I’m a traveling warrior. I’m searching for a man named Al.”

“Don’t know anyone by that name. If you promise not to cause trouble, we’ll let you in,” the other guard says.

You enter the gate and the guards move to confiscate your weapons. They’re quite surprised when they don’t find any, however. Still, they let you pass without any further trouble. You enter a large, bustling marketplace within the castle walls.

“It won’t be easy finding him among all these people,” you say.

“That’s true,” Jack comments.

“Perhaps we’ll get lucky,” Sue adds.

Suddenly, you notice something strange. Or, more accurately, multiple strange things. To the left, you notice someone in the crowd suddenly disappear, as if they were never there. To the right, you notice what seems to be a tear or gash in midair, hovering about eye level for a split-second before disappearing. Finally, a faint whisper behind you says “Follow me.”

Which is the most worthy of investigation?
A) The disappearing person
B) The tear
C) The whisper

It's a little bleh, but hopefully your choices will lead us to more interesting story content. Thanks for reading, and please vote soon~
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7th May 2009

harukiproject12:47am: Bleh. Finals+illness=not good for creativity. Maybe I'll get in a story post soon, since both are clearing up, but not tonight.

Somehow or another, I've managed to keep myself busy. So as to make this post more than worthless, it's time for...


(insert canned applause)

Anyway, today's segment is about a series named K-ON! (the exclamation mark is part of the name). It's a slice-of-life Joshikousei-type series that is highly reminiscent of things like Lucky Star and Azumanga Daioh. If you like those series, check this one out too.


(That was it? Well, I did say I'm not feeling very creative right now.)
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27th April 2009

harukiproject8:52pm: Not dead, just had writer's block.
So here's the story. I kinda have an idea for the omake now, too. Anyway...

Which memory should we start with?
A) Old
B) Not so old
C) Recent


“Let’s start with the oldest one, I guess,” you say. Ann nods and enters a combination on one of the pillars.

“Alright, then, let’s do this,” she says. The others strap themselves into the pillars, and you and Ann follow suit. Your vision blurs for a minute…

…and suddenly, you find yourself somewhere else.
Western Europe-952 A.D.
The rain falls down heavily. You are standing in an open field. To the south (how do you know that, anyway?), there is a great forest. To the north, a tall castle stands in the distance. A mountain range is visible to the west, and to the east is a small village.

In your more immediate vicinity, you notice yourself. You-

“Hey, this is a choose your own adventure, not a text adventure!” you shout. The world shifts imperceptibly. Glancing down at yourself, you notice that you are wearing a suit of medieval armor. You seem to be missing a helmet, however. And there’s one other thing you notice…

“Where is everybody?!” you shout.

“Look closer, dimwit,” a familiar voice chides. You look behind you, discovering only more empty field. You spin around, but you still can’t see anyone.

“Try up,” another voice says. You do so.

That’s when you see it. Or rather, them.

The others are floating just above your head. Or is it flying? They seem to have gotten smaller, as well, with small insect-like wings…

“Seriously? Fairies?” you ask.

“Well, this way we’re less noticeable, and thus less likely to affect Al’s memories,” Ann explains.

“I think this is a lot more noticeable,” you reply.

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to see us. Only you,” Lumina remarks.

“Why me?” you ask. No one volunteers an answer. “Besides, isn’t this a little too far back?”

“Actually, no. It seems that Al is even older than he let on. He must be around here somewhere,” Jack says.

Wait a minute…

“Hey, I understood that perfectly! No broken speech patterns or anything!” you say. Jack looks slightly embarrassed, but explains, “Well, at the moment, our minds are interconnected somewhat. Essentially, we’re communicating telepathically.”

“At any rate, which way should we be headed?” Lunera asks.

“Um…shouldn’t you know that already?!” you exclaim.

“Relax,” Sue says. “I’m sure he’s somewhere to the…”

A) North
B) South
C) West
D) East

Omake preview: Lolwut fairies? The idea came from a side project I worked on. So what does the cast look like now? Picture to come soon.
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17th April 2009

harukiproject8:33pm: Time for a story post.
Hmm...well, I'll mention it after the story. Onward!

"Are you...?"



“…Lunera?” you finish.

“Hmm…your vision is a little blurry still. Let’s make an adjustment,” an unfamiliar female voice says. Suddenly, your vision clears and you recognize the woman as the same one standing next to Lunera earlier.


“We haven’t been properly introduced. I’m Ann,” she says.

“Where are we?” you ask.

“Europe,” Ann says. “You’ve been unconscious for weeks now.”

“Are the others okay?” you ask.

“They’re fine, mostly. Except…” Ann says, before stopping.

“Except what?” you ask.

“Well, it seems that Al’s mental state is degrading rapidly. To be more specific, the Luna effect is damaging his brain. Fortunately, we have a cure…sort of.” Ann says.

“What?” you ask.

“Well, the effect is eroding his “critical memories”. These are the memories that define a person’s sense of identity.” Ann says.

“That sounds like bulls-”

“Quiet, you. To reverse the process, we need to re-expose him to these memories. Luckily, we have just the thing-a machine that replays a person’s memories. However, he won’t be able to make it alone.”

“What do you mean?”

“He actually needs to relive the experiences within a certain percentage of historical accuracy, or else he’ll have to start over…”

“Haven’t I played this game before?”

“Hush. The rest of us need to enter the simulation to guide him along. This will detract slightly from the historical accuracy, but we should be able to manage.”

“One more question, then. Why all of us?” you ask.

“Oh, come on, don’t tell me you’re not dying to know about Al’s past,” Lumina says entering the room. She is wearing a blue jumpsuit. Moments later, Jack, Lunera and Sue enter the room wearing similar jumpsuits. Sue holds another jumpsuit out in front of herself, offering it to you.

“Do I have to wear that?” you ask.

“Sorry, you’re out of questions,” Ann replies cheerfully.
“Quit staring at me!”

“Sorry, just trying to solve a mystery.”

“Look, get out of here! Can’t I change clothes in privacy?!”
Some time later, you have all suited up and assembled in a large white room. In the center is a large bed upon which Al is lying. There is a large…thing with wires and moving parts attached to his head. Surrounding the bed are six semi-circular pillars with a wide assortment of straps and similar head-things.

“Why do I get the feeling I should wake up at any moment?” you ask.

“We’ve identified up to three potential problem areas,” Ann says, ignoring you. “One is a really old memory, a second is not quite as old, and a third is relatively recent. Which should we start with?”

A) Old
B) Not so old
C) Recent

As I was writing this, I was trying to imagine a reason to include the main group in a past-related storyline. I came up with the result you see here, and about halfway through writing it, I thought to myself, "Wait, I'm ripping off Assassin's Creed!" Not sure how that happened. Anyway, I added the appropriate lampshade-hanging, so we're going to run with this anyway. That's all for now, folks!
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16th April 2009

harukiproject9:29pm: Cho, chiga, baka ja nai mon!
Hmm...I'm still trying to figure out what to do for the omake content.

Not much to report this week. I did find a few unusual things, but nothing special...except one. Or two.

A few posts ago, I mentioned TMOHS. There's a parody series called "The Melancholy of Haruhi-chan Suzumiya". It helps to be at least somewhat familiar with the original series, but it's not necessary. It's pretty good, actually.

Also, I've been working on getting an old computer up and running again. I plan to use it for more...secure matters. And stuff that doesn't run well in Vista.

Umm...that's it, really. Except for that song I've got stuck in my head now...
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12th April 2009

harukiproject11:42pm: Well, it's a little late, but...
Story post. Delayed due to internet troubles. Too sleepy to type coherently.

A) Sue fights Max, you fight androids.
B) You fight Max, Sue fights androids.


“I’ll take Max. You take the androids,” you say.

“Gotcha! I’ve got just the thing, too!” Sue says, pulling a pair of grenades from her pack and charging the androids.

“Hey, how about letting me have some of those?!” you shout after her.


You look down, startled, to see a blade protruding from your stomach. You turn around and shoot Max a dirty look.

“Oh, no you didn’t…” you mutter. Max is somewhat taken aback by the fact you haven’t collapsed to the ground yet. For that matter, so are you.


The bullet whizzes past Max’s head, coming close enough to draw blood. Frowning, you lower your pistol. Max, however, grins.

“Did I forget to mention I can deflect bullets? Because I can, you know,” he says, smirking.

“Deflect this,” you say, pressing the muzzle against Max’s chest. Max responds by grabbing the hilt of his sword and pulling it out quickly. Your vision goes red for a moment, and when it returns, Max is nowhere to be seen. You glance around frantically, trying to find him.

“Above you!”

Instinctively, you dodge to the right. Moments later, Max’s sword parts the air where you were standing. But where did the warning…

“You’ve forgotten me already, haven’t you?” the ghost-like man says.

“Well, what do you recommend I do?” you ask as Max starts swinging at you. You retreat slowly while dodging. One swing comes too close and you attempt to block with your pistol, only for it to shatter.

“You don’t know your own strength? Just hit him already!”

Suddenly, it happens. Almost without thinking, you stop retreating and punch Max straight in the jaw. Not only does it connect, but it knocks Max off of his feet. He stumbles back upright, circling you cautiously. The fight starts to tilt in your favor at that point: staying in close, you dodge every swing and deliver blow after blow. Soon, Max is covered in bruises and barely able to stand. You move in for the finishing blow…


“OH, COME ON!” you shout as you find yourself stabbed a second time. Max stands back up, smirking. Your ears begin to ring. Actually, it’s more of a *whoosh* sound, but…

“Looks like he was faking, huh? Well, my only other advice is to duck,” says the ghost-like man.


“Yeah. Like, now.”

You duck (at least as well as you can with a sword through your chest). Max, suspecting something is wrong, takes a defensive stance.

It saves his life, but just barely. The *whoosh* from before promptly turns into a *KABOOM!* as the rocket causing it explodes, sending both you and Max flying.

“Hey, are you okay?” Sue asks, running over with what looks like a recently-fired RPG.

“Not really. Where do you get all of that stuff, anyway?” you ask.

“Oh, here and there,” Sue answers.

“Where’s Max?” you ask.

“Over there. I don’t think he’ll be getting up soon.”

“And the others?”

“Over here,” Lunera says, carrying Jack over his shoulder. Beside him is Ann, with Lumina over her shoulder likewise, and Al, who is stumbling around in a daze.

“Ah…that’s good…” you say. You don’t know why, but you seem rather tired. Even as you collapse to the ground, sword and all, it doesn’t really make much sense...

The world goes dark...

~End Act 2

You awake some time later. The room (and it is indoors, at least) is a fuzzy white blur, and you can’t make out any details. A shadow appears over you. Softly, you murmur: “Who are you…Are you…”


Act 2 is complete! Drama! Intrigue! Cerberus syndrome (look it up if you have to)! What will happen next? It all depends on the identity of the person standing over you.

Well, that's all for now. Maybe if I try hard I can create some celebratory omake content this week...
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10th April 2009

rogue_6610:53pm: A New Con Approacheth...
Hello guys,

We got a new con coming up. This one is Anime Atlanta Day. Or, maybe it's Atlanta Anime Day. Anyways, it's a one day con that lasts from 10-6 Georgia time. It's gonna have a ginormous dealer room. I mean, bigger than AWA big. It's gonna be on June 28th of this year.

I didn't get the URL when I saw the site. When I do, I'll post it.
If you get the URL before I do, feel free to post it.

If ya wanna go, just lemme...know. I hate Rhyming.

SnooPING AS usual I see,
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8th April 2009

harukiproject6:52pm: I did a picture! Oh, and some other stuff.
Sigh...I'm getting lonely. Is everyone busy lately? Oh well.

I've been playing some unusual games lately. First, there's the original Touhou series, which is rather different from the more recent ones. Heck, the first one isn't even a vertical shooter (though what it is I'm not quite sure). The others went something like this:

Minute 5: Hah, this is way easier than the recent ones!
Minute 15: Whoops...well, one mistake isn't that bad...
Minute 20: Grr...My character moves too fast and I keep running into the bullets...

So yeah. Next there's Suzumiya Haruhi no Chourantou. It's a team fighting game using the characters of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (and if you haven't at least heard of that series, where've ya been?). It's pretty fun, but the aiming and response time could use a little work.

Finally, there's ChantElise. ChantElise is an RPG that revolves around a young girl and her sister, who has been turned into a fairy by an evil witch. Yeah, it's a little strange. Thankfully, it's not creepy or dirty like some similar games, and it's actually quite fun. Unfortunately, there's no English patch, so I've been working off a fan-translated script. Still, it's interesting.

Was there something else? Oh yeah. This.

As always(even though I usually forget...sorry), the program used to create these characters is property of KirbyM and Thefre. Was it okay? Can anyone think of any improvements I could make? Please post comments (on this and the story), and posts, too, soon please!
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